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It is the responsibility of the strong to protect the week!  Join a Civil Defense Corps Reserve Unit today to start serving your community!

No experience is necessary for most entry level positions. Training is provided by experienced personnel.  


We are recruiting!



The Civil Defense Corps is comprised of an all-volunteer force.  We are in need of licensed healthcare professionals for our newly formed Medical Unit and practicing attorneys for our Jag Corps.  Many other trades and skills are needed, especially former infantry! Contact one of our recruiters, the Chief Medical Officer or the JAG OIC today!

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing-Edmund Burke

About Us


About Us

The Civil Defense Corps investigates hate crimes and threats against minorities as well as  the LGBTQ+ community. When credible threats are discovered the CDC may offer protective services at no cost to victims, for that, we turn to you for donations.  We receive 0% of our funding from government sources.

Rules, Regulations, structure and ethos

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Civil Defense Corps

Making “Never Again” a Reality

The Civil Defense Corps (CDC) works in solidarity with vulnerable populations and those seeking liberation from systemic oppression to provide timely and flexible services.  We collaborate with established organizations to supply essential services at the ground level to people not served adequately by current social service structures.  The CDC seeks to make “Never Again” a reality.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Flag of The Civil Defense Corps

The International Flag of the Planet Earth was developed by Swedish designer Oskar Pernefeldt.  Centered in the flag, seven rings form a flower – a symbol of the life on Earth. The rings are linked to each other, representing how everything on our planet is linked, directly or indirectly. The blue field represents water as the oceans cover most of our planet's surface.  


Mission Statement



The CDC operates exclusively as a charitable organization for exempt purposes as set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. The CDC does not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and does not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.  The CDC is not operated for the benefit of private interests, and no net earnings benefit any private individual. 


Rules and Code of Conduct



The CDC provides charitable assistance to individuals left socially and/or economically vulnerable.  Assistance can consist of the provision of goods and services, including but not limited to food, shelter, medical care, legal advice, transportation, and spiritual guidance.

A primary purpose of the CDC is to empower vulnerable populations to improve their circumstances through education and support.  CDC teams work onsite with people to develop and implement their own solutions to collective challenges.  CDC teams will also help people engage with other charitable agencies to secure permanent assistance.


Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules and Code of Conduct


The CDC is committed to the belief that we are one world, one people, all deserving of equal treatment and equitable opportunity.  We place our highest dedication to the safe and just care of every person and the protections of freedom and liberty for all from any form of oppression, discrimination, or hatred. 

American society has developed coercive and hierarchical social paradigms that harm minority and underprivileged populations.  The CDC works to create alternative forms of social organization, striving toward a free society of free individuals.  We embrace the human spirit that aims for the good of all, freedom and justice for all, and solidarity and love among the people.

In service to this philosophy, members of the CDC take an oath of service to:

· be fearless in the face of injustice;

· be brave and truthful;

· never give up or give in;

· safeguard the helpless;

· not conflate right and lawful; and

· follow all directions of senior members.

Members pledge to never be cowardly or cruel, and to make amends whenever needed.  Members pledge to support and defend any person or group from harm with regards to: racial or cultural identity, gender, LGBT+ affiliation, religion, national origin, age, and ability.

Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules and Code of Conduct


Mutual respect is required of all members, regardless of rank or position. Senior officers are to remember that this is an all-volunteer force and that all members may end their enlistments or resign their commissions with just 24 hours notice. (on the condition that all loans are repaid and all CDC property is returned).

Oaths may be administered by a Sergeant or above.  Warrant Officer 01 may promote up to Sergeant.  Chief Warrant Officer 02 and above may promote up to their rank.  

Members will always adhere to the chain of command.  The senior person is always in charge.  General orders are always in effect.

All CDC members are encouraged to follow all local, state, and federal laws – specifically those relating to illegal narcotics, firearms, and actions against property – without the express permission of the Commanding Officer.

Any members in violation of the code will be brought before a CDC tribunal consisting of the Commanding Officer and four senior officers.  Disciplinary measures include (in order): a written reprimand, 30-day probationary period, extra community service hours, demotion of rank, expulsion, and reference to local law enforcement.

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements


All Guardians must meet the requirements for physical fitness as set by their local commanders, and weapons proficiency as assessed by the firearms instructor.  Suggested goals include:

· Two miles/day, three days/week

· Five pull-ups

· 30 push-ups

CDC candidates will be required to serve 12 hours of community service within their 90-day candidacy.  All members are required to serve at least two hours of community service per month. 

General Orders

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements


1.  I will do no evil.

2.  I will always follow my oath.

3.  I will to the best of my abilities, follow all local state and national laws, codes, and ordinances.

4.  I will always show restraint and maintain my bearings even in the face of threats and violence.

5.  I will not abandon my post or leave anyone behind.

6.  I will relay all orders and directions to my post relief.

7.  I will always render assistance to anyone requesting aid.

8.  I will show mercy when requested.

9.  I will take the path of nonviolence, if it presents itself.

10. I will always value life over property.


Membership Requirements

Leadership/Governing Body


I will be without fear in the face of injustice.

I will be brave and always speak the truth.

I will never give up or give in.

I will always safeguard the helpless.

I will not conflate right and lawful.

I, _________________________________ will, to the best of my abilities, follow all directions of officers appointed over me.

I pledge to never be cowardly or cruel, and if I ever am, I will always make amends.  

I pledge to support and defend any person or group from harm with regards to: racial or cultural identity, gender, LGBT+ affiliation, religion, national origin, age and ability.

I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation, that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter.  I so swear and affirm.


Leadership/Governing Body

Leadership/Governing Body

Leadership/Governing Body


A civilian Governing Board will oversee the operations of the BAT and provide valuable services relating to the organization, specialty services, and fundraising.

The staff will include the Commanding Officer and General Staff including but not limited to the Command Sergeant Major, the Staff Judge Advocate, and the Chaplain.  Brigade command will direct three battalions:

Companion Battalion– This is the public face of the CDC, providing medical, legal, and social services to vulnerable communities within the legal framework of the local area. The Companion Battalion will consist of three to five Companies. Each Company will consist of 3 deployable Platoons.  Each Platoon will consist of 12 to 36 members capable of providing medical, legal, social service, and other support.

Guardian Battalion– This is the covert operation of the CDC; providing shelter, supplies, transportation, and protection for individuals in danger from domestic terrorism, government threats of imprisonment, or other repressions.  All operations of the Guardian Battalion will be planned and implemented on a strictly “need to know” basis to protect its mission.  The Guardian Battalion will have a Company structure like the Companion Battalion.  Each Platoon in the Guardian Battalion will consist of civil defenders, housing and transportation providers, provisions’, etc.

Coordination Battalion– The Coordination Battalion is the link between the Companion and Guardian Battalions, providing essential administrative functions used by both.  Companies within the Coordination Battalion will serve specific functions, including: Administration/Finance, Operations/Planning, Logistics, Communications, and Intelligence/Security.

The strength of the CDC lies in its platoon structure, which can be mobilized quickly in response to immediate or serious need.  While communication is critical, the platoons in the Guardian Battalion in particular will operate independently, often without knowledge of each others’ actions in order to protect the security of our operations.

Promotions/Rank Structure

Leadership/Governing Body

Promotions/Rank Structure


All candidates serve as Privates.  After 3 months of probation and confirmation as a full member, they will be promoted to Private 2.  Private First Class becomes automatic after six months.  All other promotions are based on the needs of the CDC and the skill sets of potential candidates. 

The CDC Promotions Board will consist of three to five officers determined by the Commanding Officer.

Uniform Regulations

Leadership/Governing Body

Promotions/Rank Structure


· Black boots – all boots are to be bloused

· Olive drab fatigues

· T-shirts, socks and belts may be green, brown, or black.

· All fatigue tops must have name and CDC tapes.

· Rank/grade must be placed on the collar as per US military regulations

· Earth flag patch on the right shoulder with either guardian or companion small patch underneath

· Black US Army beret with rank insignia over the solid red painted patch.



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Note:  The CDC Reserves is an all volunteer force.  There are no paid positions.

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